Drum granulator structural design details

Are you looking for npk production line granulator? The rotary granulator produced by our company will be your best choice. Our drum granulator is a molding machine that can shape materials into a specific shape, and is considered as the key equipment for the production of compound fertilizer.

You can use the drum granulator not only to produce compound fertilizer, but also for organic fertilizer production line.

Our drum granulator adopts advanced technology and special design. The whole machine can be divided into five parts, granules drum, motor and reducer, ring gear and pinion, bracket part and drum belt. You can learn more from below.

1. Big drum. The shape is a large cylinder. Inside the granulator, we use rubber lining or acid-resistant stainless steel lining. We can customize the lining for you to prevent the raw material from corroding the cylinder.

2. Motor and reducer. They are important equipment for powering the rotary granulator. Motors and reducers have passed strict national tests.

3. Gears. Our ring gear is made of high-tech wear-resistant materials, which can ensure your long-term stable use of the rotary granulator.

Rotary Drum Pellet Compost Production Equipment
Rotary Drum Pellet Compost Production Equipment

4. Bracket parts. This is the structure supporting the whole rotary fertilizer granulator. We use solid medium carbon steel plates and channel steel welded together. In addition, considering the friction between the traction wheel fixed on the bracket and the drum belt, our factory specially selects high-quality, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials to maximize the service life of the granulator.

5. Rolling belt. This is the medium connecting the various structures of the granulator to ensure the normal operation of the granulator.

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How to improve fertilizer nutrient utilization rate?

NPK fertilizer production process

In the production of NPK fertilizer, fertilizer plants usually carry out secondary granulation. The application of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer not only controlled the balanced supply of nutrients, but also controlled the stable release of nutrients.

Rotary Drum Granulation Line 20 ton per hour
Rotary Drum Granulation Line 20 ton per hour

How can it balance fertilization?

It can balance fertilization in the horizontal and vertical directions of nutrients, and improve the utilization rate of nutrients. Granular fertilizer treated by rotary granulator is better than inorganic fertilizer in comprehensive utilization of nutrients.

Rotary drum granulation

In the design of the internal structure of the drum granulator, the function of various internal scrapers is to keep a certain thickness of material on the inner surface of the drum, to make the material layer uniform, and to facilitate the normal rolling and turnover of the material.

Material in the drum

The material in the drum. Steel drums are lined with thermally expandable metal. Rubber baffles and linings, as well as external shock absorbers, are used to prevent accumulation during the drum granulation process. Stable material quantity and uniform liquid phase distribution in rotary drum granulator are the key to produce qualified granules.