How to make bio fertilizer products?

Production of bio-organic fertilizer

Bio-organic fertilizer refers to animal and poultry manure as the main raw material, inoculated with microbial compound ingenuity, the use of biochemical technology and microbial technology to completely kill pathogens, parasite eggs, eliminate odor, the use of microorganisms to break down organic fertilizer, the transformation of macromolecule materials and then converted into small molecules, to achieve the purpose of deodorization, decomposition, fertilizer drying process, to produce good physical performance, carbon-nitrogen ratio, moderate fertilizer organic fertilizer. Bio-organic fertilizer belongs to biofertilizer. The difference between bio-organic fertilizer and microbial agent is mainly reflected in the strains, production processes and application techniques.

Bio-organic fertilizer fermentation

Bioorganic fertilizer production line flow

Microbiological agents are added to animal waste before fermentation. In the process of composting, organic solid waste such as animal and poultry manure is crushed and screened after fermentation, decomposition, dehydration, deodorization and so on. Can be used as commodity fertilizer products, but also as the production of bio-organic fertilizer, inorganic compound fertilizer raw materials. In other words, the products of the powdered organic fertilizer production line can be used as raw materials for the production line of bio-organic fertilizer. The process of bio-organic fertilizer production line mainly includes mixing, granulation, drying, cooling, screening and so on. Organic fertilizer granulators, fertilizer dryers, coolers, sieve machines, and packaging machines are required.