Cost of Machines in Organic Fertilizer Production

Full Lines for Organic Fertilizer Production

The cost of an organic fertilizer plant is in the hundreds of thousands to millions. The number of organic fertilizer production lines mainly depends on the expected annual output, plant area and raw materials.

Compost Made from Organic Waste
Compost Made from Organic Waste

Cost with Different Types of Capacities

To construct organic fertilizer production line, the scale and site of the project should be determined first. Organic fertilizer mainly uses materials with high organic content, which is processed into commercial organic fertilizer after fermentation pretreatment (the appearance of organic fertilizer is brown or grayish brown powder, without mechanical impurities and odor). Relevant planning can be carried out according to different raw materials, storage capacity, available amount and market demand. The process is divided into organic fertilizer, powder fertilizer and granular fertilizer.

Configurations matter

In a word, the equipment configuration of powdery organic fertilizer is simple and the investment cost is low. Small powder organic fertilizer production line from raw material fermentation to finished product packaging storage, complete set of equipment about 60000-70000 yuan.
Granular organic fertilizer has high equipment configuration and high investment cost. The investment of small granule organic fertilizer production line from raw material fermentation to granulation, drying and packaging is about 300000.